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The Wittman Tailwind was chosen as my project aircraft for its speed, lightweight, and proven record as a successful homebuilt design.
  It makes an excellent cross country aircraft due to its speed, two place configuration, baggage compartment, and fuel capacity. 
  There are several models of the Tailwind. Some of them are known as the W-8, W-9, and W-10. I have chosen the W-10 due to its improved wing design and capability to handle optional larger engines if desired than the original W-8 model.
  Conventional tube and fabric construction, built-up truss ribs, and plywood sheeted wings, render the design to be constructed with basic skills a builder can develope in progress.

Wittman Tailwind W-10 Model

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Tom Lee Cummings


Corvair Engine  by Tom Cummings

W-10 Built by Brian Alley